I lost faith in my church

About 3 months ago I found out my mom was dieing
she lived in Tennessee I live in ga.'I tried every thing to go see her 'but I just couldn't get the money.
my only transportation is my moter cycle I let one of my friend borrow it and he wrecked it 'somhow the wiring shorted out and burned up the charging system 'and now I found out my brother is dieing of cancer 'I cant get enough money to fix my bike 'the Honda dealer wants $500.00 to replace the stator and regulator & the wiring harness ' I even tried getting donations from a site online 'I tried getting help from my church 'but they wouldn't help 'ill never go back to that church again 'people are totally heartless 'all they care about is there selves 'if someone want to talk with me I can be reached at AOL.COM (StarChild2411) that's my screen name 'god bless you all .

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