I hate male children part three (??)

I hate male children and babies. Especially toddlers. I hate each and every last one of them. I recently saw a disgusting video on YouTube of a f****** male baby touching his grotesque b**** and d***!! There is very annoying music in the background. When I saw that video, I became enraged. If I was around some lil f*** male child or baby and saw that, I would beat the living s*** out of the thing!! How dare he touch his stinky junk in front of people! And whoever FILMED it and put it on YouTube is a really sick f***!! If I was there, I'd bite and punch his lil Peenus and nuts til it turned purple! I'd laugh as he screamed b***** murder as I insert needles into his b****! I'd take my cigarette and put it out on his nuts too! I am a proud s*****. This s*** does nothing for me sexually. I just love hearing lil babies n toddlers cry. I love love love watching forced circumcision videos on YouTube!! Those lil boys and babies are visibly horrified and I love it! I vent on this website because I cannot tell anyone about my sadistic feelings towards small males. I want revenge on them for what a male did to me. I want to f*** them up psychologically like they did to me. And people wonder why and how others turn into maniacs! All of my life men have treated me like a f****** s** object and not like a human being with feelings. I want revenge. I will definitely get it; just give me the chance!!!

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  • B**** please! Get yo fat ass back in the kitchen and bend over that table so i can f*** you in the ass and t*** with my big f****** c***. Then you can take my c*** down your throat before I fill you up with my hot j***. B****** only good for one thing. And that's f*****.

  • We were all,a child once.So,you must've hated yourself.

  • Lots of people hate children but we gft stuck with them when their stupid mothers dont take their pills

  • This is horrible and you urgently must seek some professional help immediately.

  • I like to dress my son as a girl

  • Do you really have nothing better to do. I know many women that have been through horrible things by men; but we realize those men were INDIVIDUALS, not all men are bad. Do not hurt the innocent children. Get some help please

  • Please go see a therapist before you do something that gets you thrown in prison.

  • I have a question. Did all of your mothers children live and does insanity run in your family?

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