Im a Cougar Mom

I am 44 years of age, a mom of one son who is out of the nest. Husband travels a lot with his job and I get lonely. We live in a college town and when hubby is out of town I go to a bar that a lot of college guys go to and I make it known by my eyes and body motions that I am there to pick up a young stud. I have never failed to accomplish this mission and I enjoy it very much. These college kids are so hot and ready and needy and truly make me happy.

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  • Picked up a cougar mom at sports bar I go to one night..She was right on the edge of still hot but soon won't be, h**** as h***, and gave the best head I ever had. Didn't even hit the red light after the bar, and she sunk her face into my crotch, taking me in as I drove.

    She lost her necklace in my car, I did look for it, and initially didn't find it. Kept seeing her at the bar weeks after we fkd in her apartment, and she continued asking about the necklace. Turns out, I did find it in the car, but..Tossed it. Just didn't want to deal with her anymore (think she was using the necklace thing to keep contact).

    Guess the moral of the story, or at least, my story: Cougars have their uses, but most guys will toss them aside afterwards. I did.

  • Moist

  • Wait til u go down with the crabs

  • Hey honey get all you can. S** is what makes the world turn and it is sssssssssso good too.

  • Hey honey get all you can. Its what makes the world turn and makes us so happy,,,,good s** is good for the soul.

  • A man wrote this

  • So you wrote what? What did you write?

  • Seriously. I am married but I don't believe in monogamy. Maybe I would if my wife wanted s** more than once a month but we all have needs. If your husband is gone a lot and you are h**** and just don't want to m*********, I say go for it.

  • Life is too short. Stop worrying about what the person commented below. Just enjoy the kids while you can but just be careful not to get caught.

  • I'm sure your son and husband will be so proud of their mother ,wife when they find out what a w**** you are and how you destroyed your family for some d***.

  • You know "nothing!" so get off your high horse and stop with your,"holier than thou s***!"
    She's done her motherly and wifey duties!! Her son is an adult and no longer underneath her apron strings.Her husband is never home.What she does in her personal time,us her own business.
    This is a confession site.So don't,f****** act like,you're above anyone.

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