I was never the soldier my grandfather and father were

I'm a Vietnam veteran and I was in three firefights. I saw some soldiers die but the outcome of the battle was never in doubt. We always beat the Commies on the field. The Commies beat the South Vietnamese not the American army.

I came home in one piece. No drug or alcohol habit no problems whatsoever.

My grandfather couldn't say the same thing. He fought in France during the first world war with the marines. His unit was assigned to hold a hill and the Germans thinking it was a weak point attacked in strength.

The Americans held but at a terrible cost. Less than one-half of the hills defenders survived. Shot to death, blown to bits by artillery and finally gassed. but they held the hill.

Unlike me, my granddad came home a broken man and he died of acute alcoholism at age sixty-two.

My father was an MP during WW2 and he saw action on D-Day he was nearly killed but he survived the battle. Later in the war he found himself at Bastogne. He had to help the other soldiers fight. He survived, but he never spoke of the battle or the war.

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  • Do you need to be to win their love or your own? we are all unique and qualities of our own.

  • All soldiers are retards thinking they're doing the right thing when really they're just doing some rich guys bidding

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  • Im told it was full of prostitutes

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  • Survivors guilt?

  • Because you didn't arrive home a broken man or with any drug/alcoholic problems,doesn't mean you were less of a soldier,than your father and grandfather.You all had different soldiering and battlefield experiences,but that doesn't mean,you're any less a soldier,than your family were.
    I can only imagine,what it's like to be a soldier and to have fought,many battles.It's beyond incomprehensible,what your grandfather,father and yourself have been through.But please don't think any less of yourself,because you didn't arrive back from Vietnam,with any
    apparent issues.
    To be a soldier in the first instance,is challenging and admirable.Regardless,of what battles you've fought.Your fam and yourself,sacrificed your fam,friends and yourself,to make a difference.
    Be proud and honoured :)
    I'm sorry your grandfather and father came back from their battles,different people and with their own issues.
    But,I bet they're extremely proud of you and also because,you seem healthy,in mind,heart and body.
    Stop doubting yourself and try to move past this,you only live once.
    You would know that,I can imagine,being a veteran of war :)

    One love,respect and peace x

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