My favorite Jew

He called himself Milton Sturman. I cannot recall his original Russian Jewish anme but he's my hero. Here is why.

He was born in Moscow. During the first world war he had been drafted into the tsars army to fight the Germans. At the battle of Tannenburg the Russian army was defeated and disarmed.

This knocked Russia out of the war and was one of the reasons the Bolsheviks revolted.

Mr. Sturman was still in the tsars white army but the reds beat them.

Mr. Sturman who was a tailor somehow got his family into Poland. It looked like the Reds were going to bring the war to Poland so he again picked up his sewing machine and immigrated with his family to Net York city USA.

On Ellis Island it was discovered that he had military service and since America had just declared war he was immediately drfted into the marines.

His unit distinguished itself at a place in France called Chateau Thierry. The american unit was nearly but not quit obliterated. The surviving Americans held the line until the Britsh and French could relieve them. Of 9000 soldiers the Germans had killed a bit over 6000 men.

During this battle he had inhaled some poison gas and this caused breathing problems for the rest of his life.

His small tailoring business in New York city was destroyed during the depression and he eventually went to work for Rich's

He was transferred to Atlanta where he retired many years later.

He lived with his son my coworker until age 98. He had died peacefully in his sleep.

Not many people in the whole world have had to go through experiences like this and live so long.

G d bless the old gentleman.

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  • How awesome is that! You should give this to your co-worker, because it would probably mean a lot to him that you enjoyed hearing about his father so much. Isn't it amazing how many stories are out there waiting to be told? From you and old, it's matter of making time and asking someone to talk about their lives. I always loved to listen to my grandparents talk about their lives growing up.

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