Wife and lover

I've had a lover for a year. She's married in a sexless marriage. I enjoy what s** my wife and I have, but the s** with my lover is out of this world. lasting for hours. I don't know how long things can go on this way, but for the time being it is incredible to have two different women making love to me, each in their own way. I love both of them, each in their own ways. Until the situation blows up it is just unbelievably good. Whatever happens as a result of this, it is worth it.

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  • What about your wife? What about how she feels?

  • Or a woman's jealousy takes over and you end up in the f****** morgue cause one of them has a bad rag day... thinking you have the best of both worlds is pathetic...

  • You go then, Tiger. Maybe one will keep you when it all blows up and you can search for a new third.

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