50 something closeted bi married crossdresser

I first worn a pair of girls panties when I was 11. I started wearing my moms panties, bras, stockings and girdles all the time and sleep in her panties every night. She caught me a few times but just said "just don't late dad see you". She even started buying my own girl things. I had my first male on male s** when I was 13 and really never stopped until we were out of high school. I have been married over 30 year and continue to dress without my wife knowing. I underdress for work each day and will dress fully when she is gone or I meet a male lover. We have not had s** in over 2 years and I don't really care to with her. I lover her but I just like bottoming for a man. I want to tell about my crossdressing and the fact I love to give oral and receive a***. What would be the best way to tell her?

Jan 8, 2021

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  • Your mom should have seen if you could have been a Girl Scout. Google "my son was a Girl Scout" and read the story. Back then they taught a lot of useful skills like cooking and sewing.

  • She did know I worn panties, and after the 2nd time catching me she bought me my own panties, garter, bras to wear when my dad was gone.

  • I like dressing in panties bras slips garters. I just like the way it makes me feel like a woman..momspantysniffer

  • I love being dressed too. I wish I could dress 24/7 and maybe even take hormones

  • I love wearing panties to work and bras when I wear a thick dark dress shirt. Most days just panties and stockings, a little light make-up. I am shaved legs and clitty and man puss, underarms. my wife has no clue. when I can I love to fully dress. Would so much love to have a good lover like you

  • Let's play. And chat with each other momspantysniffer

  • I would love to chat where do you want to chat?
    I can give you and e-mail or phone number or what do you like?

  • You don't need to leave your wife just start out tell her a little bit at a time let her know you like wearing her panties that's your starting point let her know you have fantasies and panties garters is one of them...momspantysniffer

  • Thank you for the support

  • Your welcome

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