I dress slutty on purpose

Im bored of dressing up to go clubbing or partys or raves, every girl dresses up for event and nights like that, no i like to dress slutty and perverted for situations like food shopping, normal walking around town and even going to work now, i know some people judge at im walking around asda in a mini skirt, small crop top and over the knee boots, but the husbands of the wives glaring at me, see me, and cant keep their eyes off me, they want me! they want to f*** me! hard!
when i catch the train wearing denium short shorts tied up skirt n platform heels, the heads all turn, the l*** in their eyes!
when i lean over my work desk sticking my a*** in the air while wearing a tight leather skirt! every guy in the office looks over!
id also like to admit, im not just a c*** tease! i have acted on my pervesions

Aug 25, 2016

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  • Yeah, there's a shocking news flash. I love it when girls dress slutty and insist that they're just doing it for themselves. Right, I'm going to paint on a skin-tight dress with no neckline and stuff my feet into 3 inch heels because it's "fun"!!!

    Yet that's their so called defense when dudes invariably cross the line such girls have so invitingly painted. Not good looking or rich dudes, only the poor or ugly ones. Suddenly it's "OMG, stop staring at meeee!! Ew, creepy! Ew, ew!!"

    Chickiedoodles, if you put everything on display:
    1) EVERYONE will look. You're practically wearing floodlights and you so absolutely know it.
    2) EVERYONE will look, including guys you don't want staring at you. If you don't want that kind of attention, you don't put everything on display. It's really not difficult.

    I can't believe how stupid you little "progressive" girls are when you try so desperately to ignore the parts of human nature your next-wave feminism can't shame away. You sure know how to use them to your advantage, but you sure hate being called on that! Well, deal with it, and deal with being called and treated like ho-bags until you stop.

  • You sound like the type that would love/enjoy knowing somewhere out there, a random stranger is jerking off to the thought of pinning you down and giving you a real hard f*ck...

  • Yes I have really short red leather skirt. Candi

  • You ever wear leather?

  • I agree. I really enjoy wearing short skirt... I love the way men look at me. Candpi

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