Lay back and relax, Emily spoke gently and with assurance. My mind still couldn't believe I was doing this. Part of me wanted to stand up and run but as I gazed upon this sexy , young women I was frozen in l***. Emily and I worked together at a restaurant where I was the head pastry chef and she a line cook. She was about 17 years younger than myself. Slender and well built. She had the sexiest eyes I had ever seen. She was the typical young person for her generation. Tattooed and pierced with a very free spirit. She was a constant flirt with everyone around her. One night I caught her in the back alley behind our work smoking a joint . I had just gotten off and she was surprised when I spotted her. She offered me a hit and although it had been a long time I took it. She knew I was married and had been for a long time. We laughed and spoke freely to each other. Somehow she steered the conversation toward s**. I was a little shy about it and she fished for a lot of information. Seeing how I had taken several hits my tounge was loose and I spilled secrets I probably shouldn't have. Your wife has never swallowed you !, she said way too loud. Although my wife was not a prude that was something that she simply wouldn't do. I love the taste of a man , Emily said proudly. I was stunned. You know , she continued. That's your problem. Your just to sexually uptight because no one has ever done that for you. Maybe , I answered. Suddenly I felt her hand gently rub my crotch . That's a real shame , she said. Feels like you have a nice c***. I didn't know what to do so unjust allowed her to continue her exploration. I would do that for you, she said sternly. I was speechless. It would be just one freind helping out another. She took my hand and lead me to her cat which was parked in a very dark spot. We both got in and she told me to lay the seat down. I was pretty stoned so I just simply obeyed. She quickly unzipped my pants and pulled my growing c*** out . Just lay back relax she said as her talented tounge went to work. Her mouth was so soft and her tounge amazing. I never knew a b******* could feel so good. I was lost . She sucked gently at first , licking my c*** and b**** up and down. Then she became more aggressive and sucked me like a vacuum. Her soft moans and the slurping sound was ringing in my ears. My body twitched and my back arched as a spurt of hot s**** involuntaringly left my body. I grunted as another jet of c** entered her mouth. She sucked feverishly as I could her the gulping sound she made as she swallowed every drop. Just a so thought I was finished another o****** rocked my body. I was having multiple o******* which left me drained. My body went limp as the sensations abated. She continued sucking and licking my c*** for several minutes until she finally sat up. Licking her fingers she sighed deeply. That was fantastic , she said with satisfaction. You have the sweetest c** I've ever tasted. Must be the pastries you make. She talked a bit about what had just happened and we both agreed not To say anything to anyone. From time to time she still sucks me off. Guess she really likes dessert.

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  • Man You Are One Lucky Guy To Have Her Do That To You !!!!!!!!!!

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