Step daughter

My husband and i have been married for 7 years. He has a daughter that was 1 1/2 when we married. I hate the little b**** and I always have. She is an evil, no good little girl with absolutely no redeeming or endearing qualities. I had hoped over the years my husband would let go of the girl and forget what is in his past. Guess not.
I am luckily daddy's favorite girl and have used my best pitiful looks to convince him to move 3 hours away. He says he will still see the little b**** every other weekend even if he has to drive 3 hours one way to get her. He's got me f***** up and I told him so. I nursed him through a couple of major health crisis. He is no longer able to work, his monthly disability comes to me and our only car is in my name. Therefore i told him he will learn to like seeing her once a month (or longer if i get my way) or he can just not see her (the way i prefer it).
I dont give a damn if i have to move his ass 33 hours away. I have set out to reduce her contact and that is what i will do.

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  • Your f*****

  • You're trash even if this is a bunch of bullsshit

  • My best friend was killed in Vietnam while his wife was pregnant with their daughter. To make a long story short I started dating my friends widow and we eventually married.

    I never legally adopted her little girl because I wanted her to continue to carry her fathers name to honor him as a father and as the best friend I have ever had.

    MY wife died of cancer just before her daughters 17th birthday. She remained with me until she graduated college.

    I paid her tuition, I bought her a car, I spoiled her rotten and she brings her children over for my and my current wife to babysit.

    No perversion on my part. These step daughter s** stories make me sick.

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for being such a good man. <3 Thank you!

  • This confession is similar,to another on this website.I think it's the same person.It's the same; poor grammar,punctuation and context.
    If I'm correct in my assumptions,this person is a troll!! Don't believe anything,this troll states!!

  • You really are pathetic, piece of s***. Keeping a father from his 8 1/2 years old kid. Shes a kid and you are supposed to be an adult. Really, she has no redeeming qualities? Look in the mirror Lady, you don't sound like you have any qualities. So, you may prevent him from seeing her, you'll still have to pay.

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