Confession Of Unfinished Symphonist #interstellar

There’s comes a certain moment come in your life when all world starts to fall apart and everyone starts to seem like a bad entity.
It is you all alone, in your given life , what you have to do:
Either helping millions of people or just going somewhere and doing nothing, this all seems like TRAP. Maybe life is just about making self-better rather than whole life goals crunches.
Maybe we just took life too seriously, that anything happens to us, start to controlling us and to whole another course. Or we just starting just controlling life and it disappoints you to every single extent. And that is why we get p***** off for the HAPPENINGS!
Everything happens for our own good sake like the interstellar ending.
There must be the GHOST.
So, if the ghost is real.
Everything must be in control according to him with our little effort.’
All we need is to listen to him and just take a leap of faith and hope for the best!
Once we start depending emotionally on others, we start to neglect their flaws. We start to enjoy their company, we start to fall in love with them and start dreaming about how happy we can be together for the rest of the life. (Which seems to be broke apart and fall into pieces and hating equally each other.)

Emotions can be sexually or in monetary interests, or anything. Once we start emotionally dependent on other, we start to criticize the flaws that the previous one had.
We as a human being don’t know to control emotions, but we can direct it by our desires. The desire to be better self than yesterday, our life goals, our passion. Just by desires, we can change.
When we start doing something and we start to take best out of it but we figured it out that
it is not taking to our desires, and we start falling apart into bit pieces or we left it in the middle of nowhere. What we should do is let our desires go and what is just try doing things that we need to and just not expect the outcome.

Aug 27, 2016

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  • Let go of the GHOST

  • I believe in embracing not denying my desires. Good luck though, you'll need it to be happy.

  • Sorry but there is no luck in happiness.

  • Happiness can be found in good luck. Prosperity is no always equal so when it is swaying in your favor, embrace the grins and let it fill you up!

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