It's a terrible cliche', but . . .

. . . I am totally in love with our babysitter. My wife has no clue.

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  • The husband of the family I sit for every Saturday night after the third time on the way taking me home he pulled over started in kissing me and feeling me up and we ended up having s** in the back seat of his car. Once he started in sucking and playing with my nipples I became quite wet and he took advantage of the opportunity and f***** me good. Once he got his c*** in me I was his and all I think about anymore is getting it between my legs in my puss deep. I love the way he plays with my b****** and I think he's even been teaching his 12 year old son how to play for he's an exact copy of his dad when it comes to that. I fell asleep on the couch woak up with him sucking on my nipple pulling it deep into his mouth as he rubbed his toung over the tip, I was rotating my hips without even knowing I was doing it and he moved from one breast to the other without hardly letting up. I'm almost 16 in 2 months and I am ashamed to say I let a 12 year old have his way with me but god did he f*** me for the longest time but never did c**. I was expecting him to unload in me but he never did now I got to sit for them for 2 days next week and I wonder what is going to happen.

  • Ud better hav condoms with u next time enjoy ur self

  • Better becareful if you plan on staying married to your wife.

  • She must be an amazing piece.

  • That worked out great for Arnold, didn't it?

  • Don't try anything, if you value what you and your wife have anyway. Otherwise be prepared to probably make an ass of yourself and lose your wife.

  • I have a cliche too. I am in love with my friend's husband. So, what are you gonna do about your situation? And please please please tell me she's not super young, because no.

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