Feeling lost and alone

Im finding life difficult, I have anxiety, depression and fibromyalgia, my partner can't work at the moment because of some red tape issues I can't go into but I'm finding its hard to keep going. I work part time but even that's getting to much, I have to work just to keep us afloat but everything i try to do just makes life worse. I want a bus to run me over so I don't have to deal with this crap any more!

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  • I didn't read beyond "fibromyalgia". It's fake. You're full of shiit. :)

  • Not fake thank you a******

  • Fake, you d******

  • Why is it fake? I assume you are a doctor or consultant rhumatologist with ct and MRi machinery then? You have my files (as I have 3 full folders on my condition, sorry fake condition) so you have seen my test results, my scans and x rays. So please enlighten me what do I have that causes such intense pain and lack of movement? Because obviously my consultant is clearly an idiot who has told me a bunch of lies for his own gain or do you assume I've just googled and thought "oooooo that has a nice ring to it I'll go with that?" Please elaborate why 'fake' so I can solve this problem, I would hate to be misdiagnosed!

  • Maybe you should apply for disability, and sorry, but your partner should be helping you more

  • Thank you :) I'm in process of applying for help, it's hard because it's an 'unseen' problem so they score you on points using things like 'an imaginary wheel chair' so basically if they put me in a wheel chair I would be more mobile but I would actually lose the little muscle I still have in my legs so kinda gotta go with the flow and hope they can actually help rather than just fob me off. Just needed to vent but have no friends I can turn to because they don't get the whole anxiety depression thing.

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