My Grandfather died a few years ago and being the skinflint he was he left nothing of worth behind. My grandmother had lived way below her means when she could have lived much better.

On my granddads property was a shed that he never allowed anyone to go into but himself. No one knew what was in there.

My grandmother said I could have anything in there so I in eager anticipation took my granddads keys and opened the door.

I've never seen so much junk in all my life. Hand cranked adding machines with the ribbons all over the place. A typewriter old enough to be useless and young enough to be worthless. Nothing of value. Junk every scrap of what was in there was worthless.

Apparently what the old buzzard was guarding against prying eye were his files. Looking into those files I saw nothing spectacular or even remotely interesting.

The junk was so useless that my grandmother would have to pay someone to haul the junk out of there.

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  • Real question is what did he spend his money on? Be there's a handful of mason jars buried out on that property, maybe in the walls or floor of the shed. You might want to take a closer look.

    When my grandmother died she left nothing behind but dozens of closets full of hundreds of outfits she had collected over the years. We were going to throw them out of donate them to Goodwill, then by accident I checked a pocket and found $500 in $100 bills. Checked another pocket and found another $500. Almost every outfit has money stuffed into a pocket. All told we had nearly $14k in cash stashed away.

    Did a Google check on some labels, discovered what we thought was old junk were primary examples of period fashion by major designers. Some of those old outfits, many dating from the mid 1930s, got us $2k each on eBay.

  • This stuff was important to him for some reason. I would go through this stuff and look it up on eBay, old machines like this can definitely fetch a few hundred if it's the right stuff, otherwise donate it and write it off.

  • I think my wife is like your granfather. She cant throw anything out. The fridge is full of mouldy leftoevrs. We have a mountain of toys from when the kids were little. Ten billion coat hangers.

  • I'm the OP and I've bought s many toys for my first cousins children that I suggested a yard sale. They are in their teens now and I've been buying them stuff since they were younger than 3.

  • I'm the OP and my concern was not for myself but for my grandmother. I was hoping she could sell something out of the shed.

    One thing I do have is my grandfather's shotgun. An old rabbit ears weapon made in Belgium for poor farmers. Checking the guns worth at a gun store it is worth approximately $32.00 as it has no collector value. He bought it second hand about sixty years ago but despite its age so many of this model were made that there is no collector value.

    It fires 12 gauge ammo but I am afraid to fire anything more powerful that skeet shot through it.

    I am his only grandchild by the way. My mother was his only child and by coincidence, I am an only child myself.

    I think I can get $50.00 for the shotgun and I'm going to give the money to my Grandmother.

  • Don't worry you'll be rich in your next life and he'll be left a worthless shed.

  • Although it's nice to hope that grandparents leave something to their children and grandchildren, it should not be expected. You sound greedy and maybe what was left for you is deserved..nothing.

  • How sad that you view your grandfather in terms of money he didn't leave you. This absolutely sickens me. :'( This confession right here is just one more example of why someone should blow up this earth, we as the human race, don't deserve to live.

  • You're first sentence isn't totally wrong, but I think you kind of missed the gist of part of this confession. The poster of this confession seemed a bit baffled by the fact that what his Grandfather guarded so closely was kind of just junk. It was a bit odd, a bit misleading, and a bit confusing. Also, you don't even know if his Grandfather was worthy of much love and admiration - some aren't.

    You're third sentence is off the rails, and speaks to your mental health issues.

  • You third* and also the OP might have been a girl. No idea.

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