1st child

I find I'm just not very tight down there anymore :(



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  • Nothing better sometimes than f****** a loose wet p****, pounding it like a cheap w**** and then filling it with c**. Don't fret.

  • Kegal b****

  • U must hav got serious c*** during ur life do u p*** n ur nickers

  • P**** surgery might help tighten it somewhat

  • Do u leak p***

  • That the prob im always wet and smelly

  • Boo pics or it didn't happen
    Or just let me test it out

  • Loose p**** is s*** giv ass

  • Blame africano fluette

  • I love a loose p****, makes more of a challenge to please women or be humiliated ;)

  • Try holding a football n it wil tighten the muscles

  • Them f****** babies they destroy puses

  • If you're worried about it they have excersizes they say help with that.

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