I think fibromyalgia is fake :)


Is it just women that whine about having fibromyalgia? Because I just never hear men mention this.

Well, I want to go on record as saying I think it's completely fake and made up. I think it's people that want a good excuse to be lazy, not work, work very little, complain, and get attention.

Fibromyalgia is fake. Thanks for listening.

Aug 29, 2016

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  • My ex (a guy) claimed to have it. But he always had some weird nonspecific thing going on with him, so I think the doctor just threw that diagnosis at him to shut him up.

    He didn't use it to skive off work, but did use it as an excuse to be a moody jagoff.

    So have fun trolling, since that seems to be your thing. I don't have a stance one way or the other about fibromyalgia, but petty little c**** like you don't do much for me either. It's the self-righteous whinging you have in common with them. Be proud!

  • I wrote this originally. I just want to say how pleased I am to still read the anger. If it's genuinely a real condition then why be so defensive? Why not simply write me off as some uneducated internet troll, and ignore me? I'll tell you why. Because it's fake, and a meal ticket for the lazy and useless. Thanks.

  • Fibromyalgia is a disease common to the lower class scum who breed like rabbits in their council houses,whilst collecting their full benefits,staying at home watching Jeremy Kyle on their f****** massive tv,with full internet etc.

    Whilst I like a normal human being, leave the house early,work hard to support my family and pay the mortgage and cant afford full sky tv packages like these fibromyalgic pieces of $hit!!!!😠😠

    It fu.cks me off, you see them down the high street,aged 30 with their cane pretending to limp along FUCKOFF SCUM!!!!!! You didn't need it when you were p***** up in wetherspoons dancing about were ya?!!!

    Id love to be a benefits fraud officer,I would make it my mission to destroy these scum and get them back to work !!

    Its true ,its the scum women who seem to get this fake fibromyalgia, or maybe when scum breed with scum their poverty stricken scumness produces lower quality human beings??

  • Well said! Clap clap clap! It's even more popular than all the psycho C list celebrities these days who claim to have lyme disease.

  • It's always lazy, middle-to upper-class women who don't want to work and want pity for others. Funny how this "disease" only seems to affect that demographic 90% of the time, nobody else ever gets it. (Yes, it's fake)

  • I agree there is a name for every silly excuse people make about everything just read these confessions man wants 2 b woman man wants 2 b baby married man wants s** with othr man i cut myself it nevr ends

  • All my mean thoughts go out to u lol

  • Ya'll are too easy.

  • Hahahaha

  • My auntie has this condition and she hasn't let it deter her,from achieving a degree and owning her own business,you narrow minded arsehole!!

  • Typical garbage from a small mind

  • Board u in ur house and lite it on fire

  • Someone should put some wire round ur neck attach a drill and watch I die

  • U die

  • Nope u will

  • You're lazy wtf do u do u broke little b****

  • You're f****** weak compared to me

  • People commit suicide over this maybe shut the f*** up I'd cut ur throats over this lolol

  • I completely agree!!

  • Want die

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