I think fibromyalgia is fake :)


Is it just women that whine about having fibromyalgia? Because I just never hear men mention this.

Well, I want to go on record as saying I think it's completely fake and made up. I think it's people that want a good excuse to be lazy, not work, work very little, complain, and get attention.

Fibromyalgia is fake. Thanks for listening.

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  • Well said! Clap clap clap! It's even more popular than all the psycho C list celebrities these days who claim to have lyme disease.

  • It's always lazy, middle-to upper-class women who don't want to work and want pity for others. Funny how this "disease" only seems to affect that demographic 90% of the time, nobody else ever gets it. (Yes, it's fake)

  • I agree there is a name for every silly excuse people make about everything just read these confessions man wants 2 b woman man wants 2 b baby married man wants s** with othr man i cut myself it nevr ends

  • Wow, a lot of angry fakers on here. Interesting

  • All my mean thoughts go out to u lol

  • Thank you!!! <3

  • Ya'll are too easy.

  • Hahahaha

  • My auntie has this condition and she hasn't let it deter her,from achieving a degree and owning her own business,you narrow minded arsehole!!

  • My arsehole is none of your business!

  • Lol Arsehole is a crude expression!! It's universal and we all have one!! But,you're an arsehole,because you talk "s***" :)

    Your welcome :)

  • You're*

  • I agree lol :)

  • Typical garbage from a small mind

  • Board u in ur house and lite it on fire

  • Only if you care to join me, sweetness. :)

  • Someone should put some wire round ur neck attach a drill and watch I die

  • U die

  • Nope u will

  • Pick one...who is going to die here?. I prefer you. lol

  • You're lazy wtf do u do u broke little b****

  • You're f****** weak compared to me

  • People commit suicide over this maybe shut the f*** up I'd cut ur throats over this lolol

  • Uh, ok.

  • I completely agree!!

  • Want die

  • Have at it.

  • I hope u ur mom ur dad ur kids if u have them ur siblings if u have them get f****** ass cancer u c*** is end my most evil thoughts to u lol

  • Right on!

  • Maybe ur kids will get taken and raped

  • It's fake. :D FAKE FAKE FAKE....but you mad bro?

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