Desperate to lose weight and feel good

I study and have to do assignments and I try to fit in some exercise but lately all I do is walking and vibration platform workout with weights and resistance cords. I really try to eat low fat however I notice weight gain. some is from that we have gone back to full cream milk over low fat milk and there is a lot of dieticians turning back to butter and full cream. sometimes I will eat peanut butter and hazelnut choc spreads but I know I should not have these. I avoid jams and sweet things a lot.

I find I get cravings for chocolate and I snack too much on choc wafers and cheese and crackers, biscuits and I have become turned off flavored yogurts and I prefer low fat choc mouse or plain low fat yogurt mixed with lime juice and I prefer chili sauce over other dip sauces as it clears my sinuses.

I rarely eat fattening foods like cake or pastries or ice-cream (they are special treats for me).

dessert for me is like 1 ginger nut biscuit with a cup of tea,

I really enjoy vegitables as themselves or in soups and salads, I love salmon and tuna, and beans and I eat lean meats and small portions only.

I just want to know where I am getting this access fat?

I want to exercise more where my neighbors can't see me exercising. I want to lose weight so bad. I have considered starving myself. cutting half of everything I eat. I drink heaps of water often

I need to find exercise that will work, is fun and not over burdensome!

I am sick of gaining f****** weight. I am sick of being ugly and slobbish and I hate looking at myself in the mirror seeing all the fat.

my laziness is frustrating. I need to move more and I have to study and complete my work. If I don't start looking good and losing weight and feeling good soon I just don't know what I will do.

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  • Plenty of s** best exercise dont swallow

  • Go to your doctor and make sure you don't have a thyroid issue. Consider joining weight watchers. Weight watchers has really changed over the years. They are encouraging clean eating and limiting sugar. But it's also realistic and allows for the occasional indulgence so you can be human. When you write down what you're eating, sometimes you can see where you're hungrier or having one more cracker than you should. Go to a gym and get a personal trainer, have him/her shake up your routine. Be kind to yourself and do things in moderation. The pounds will come off. You are doing really great. Remember all the positives you are incorporating into your life.

  • It's all what u the math stick to it and it will happen just don't expect it to happen fast

  • Exercise 2 times a week and take in 1600 to 2000 cal per day it's a little less if ur a chick but if u do it and be patient it will happen

  • I hope you're getting enough sleep because that impacts your weight as well. Do some online search. (:

  • Go see a nutritionist. They will set you up with a diet that will work and is healthy. Be prepared, you will be hungry from time to time and you will need to exercise not only your body but your self control. Walking is great, but you will need to add muscle, I love resistance bands, but you must stick to it and be consistent. BTW, I lost 100lbs doing this.

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