The job was not worth it

Didn't hand in resume at a retail clothing shop for fat b******. because they seemed trashy women at the counter and bitchy. i know that sounds bad and i want to work but i have to work in a nice place with good people not bitchy trashy fat old women who look like they would hit you with an ugly stick. I want to work so bad but then the hours were not good to my needs and i don't want to be categorised at all.

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  • You are far too good to work with us mear mortals. Best you stay home and the rest of us will simply give you money

  • Sorry but they are extremely grotty slum dressed and fat and had hair and old and common looking. a former workmate used to refer to most people as common and these ones looked like they were always single mothers lazy fat chip eating sexos who don't belong in the jobs. its like putting homer simpson in the white house (hang on i think they did with trump), or say johnny rotten working in a luxury jewellery shop. it doesn't fit but somehow the old cows get work they don't deserve, when there is better that could do the job.

  • Then you are not hungry enough yet.

  • They didn't like me when I walked in, I walked in pretending to be a customer all dressed up and they were so rude I didn't bother handing in my resume. the fact is, if they are rude to me as a customer they will be rude and abusive as employers. a teacher a long time ago told us girls that if it does feel right just walk out and don't even explain. I don't even owe you that.

  • Maybe they were pinging your own bitchy vibe? You sound like a truly judgmental little girl, and if there's one thing grown women despise it's a snotty chick with a "better than thou" attitude. Of course, idiots like you dismiss it as jealousy, but anyone with eyes can see what's up here.

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