University over rated

The experience of university and having a university degree is so over-rated. post graduated degrees are a waste of money and over rated. I seen a therapist while I was at university and she always said to me university is overrated and degrees are over rated the whole time I seen her.

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  • I ain't never gone to no colleg neether dont need none that they tell u in scoohl is all lies anyways me i gots street smarts is best anyways. books r no good fer lernin

  • I do online/distance learning qualifications instead.It's convenient,sometimes more cost effective and it fits round my personal life :) Try that instead.However,I intend to become a chartered Psychologist.So I'll have to attend University directly,in order to complete a Doctorate in Psychology :)

  • You can barely string together cohesive sentences, so I very much doubt you ever went to university. In fact, I kind of think you may not have even made it all the way through high school.

  • Lol

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