Lets go see the waterheads

I was visiting my first cousin when I was sixteen and he was thirteen. I was walking around town with him and two of his friends when one of them suggested we go look at the water heads.

There was a large house with a high brick wall in town where there was allegedly some people with large heads being kept. Hydroencephalitis or whatever.

The only way to see over the high fence would be to climb over it and I said no way.

My cousin and his friends called me chicken but I refused to go over the wall with them.

Once over the wall they were confronted by the owner at gunpoint. The man and his friend were armed and the owner of the property had a 1911 colt .45 cal automatic pointed right at them.

My cousin and his friends were told to stay where they were until the police arrived. The man with the gun kicked my cousin in the leg leaving a large sore and bruise.

I didn't see any of this nor did I hear what was going on but I became worried. I walked around town for awhile then I went back to the house.

There I saw my cousin and his two friends being placed in the police car with their hands behind their back. They were crying but I said nothing.

I went back to my cousins house and told his parents what had happened and just as I finished my story the phone rang and the police told them to come to the station right away.

I was told to wait at the house until they got back.

About two hours later they came back with my crying cousin. My Aunt and Uncle had had to bail him out.

He was put on probation with his two friends for trespassing and hopefully he learned his lesson.

This was on his record until he became twenty-one.

We don't talk about this much but at least I was smart enough not to be with them.

He never did anything that stupid again.

Sep 1, 2016

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  • Sick f****, the lot of you.

  • Pity it requires a record. It's just boys being boys. They should have been flogged and sent home.

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