Don't deserve respect unless they're were in the world wars... A lot of them just want a chance to kill someone legally, are just following their families tradition. They take orders regardless of whether the orders are stupid and stop thinking for themselves. Soldiers basically just do the bidding of rich men thinking they're defending their country lol how far away do u have to be before it stops being defence and starts being offence.

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  • I am a vetern i didnt lik the fightn but grt place 2 get young ass

  • Too bad you didn't get a dictionary instead!

  • It's a big waste of money give a scientist that money and he can kill way way more people than what any army full of yards ever could

  • Are you a veteran? You appear to be one!!

  • Troll

  • Are you speaking from experience?

  • Doop

  • I hope the draft is active when war comes a calling. And you're 1st on the list. I also hope you break and cry like a girl when your broken. "Go Fawk yourself" USMC E-3

  • Semperfag

  • Suck a d*** you f***** b**** someone's f***** ur girl while ur away lol

  • Right in her mouth ;)

  • Yeah I know how can we stop violence oh how about we use some more violence on it....dumb

  • OP is obviously a terrorist.

  • Get f***** u soldiers like to take the credit who the f*** paid for ur guns ur food all ur fancy equipment f****** brainless waste of life

  • Gosh,I'm educated and want to join the British Navy as a Police Officer.It's a great opportunity and I intend to join,because I honestly want to help people.Simple as that :)

    I agree partially with the OP,as I can imagine,some people probably join the Military,for the wrong reasons.However,some people join and want to join,also for the right reasons.

    Dear OP,don't judge soldiers based on your personal opinions and assumptions,without direct evidence and experience,to back your bold,discriminative views.Join and see for yourself :)

    Good day x

  • I agree with the comment above.Some soldiers may have the wrong intentions,in why they want to join or have joined the Military.Emphasis on "may".But I don't think,they all have the wrong intentions.

    Good luck as a Police Officer,in the B.R.N :)

  • I'm smart enough not to join bullshit like that lol

  • Mission accomplished right.....

  • I agree :)

  • My bet is your freedom to say such crap is because you live in a country where soldiers have followed orders. Hence they diserve our respect.

  • How's the state of the world doing thanx....

  • Not to mention wasting such a big chunk of tax money

  • Please keep pretending like p****** off the rest of the world keeps u safe

  • Let's send Donnie and his Trumpettes to all those places they think should be eradicated. Their massive bellies and basement-dwelling pale skin won't stop real ordnance, no matter how sweet their own guns might be.

    Put 'em to the test! They're all such big badasses, are they? Let's see that in action, or none of them have a hair on their ass.

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