Met my soulmate while in a relationship

Let me begin by saying that I do not believe in soul mates. Not really anyway. Nor do I believe in love at first sight. But what happened to me yesterday was unreal.

I just got back from a week's vacation with my current boyfriend, whom I've been with almost three years. I'm 23, he's 26. I walked into my work where I do men's retail. First customer I helped yesterday was a familiar looking guy, about my age, looking for interview attire. He comes out of the fitting room, I ask how he liked the clothing and he says, "do I know you?" We chat a little and figure out we know each other because he had worked at a gym I used to frequent. He had helped me get my membership, and every time I walked in (with my boyfriend) I always thought he was so nice and very attractive. But I always let that pass, because I was and still am happy in my relationship, and I'm not one to leave someone just because I find someone attractive.

But yesterday he introduced himself and he shook my hand. And something clicked. We started talking about college and studying abroad. He had studied in Spain, I in Japan. He had studied Mandarin like me, which we laughed about forgetting the majority of.

At one point I actually thought to myself, "this guy is my soul mate. What would I do if he asked me out?"

He was so perfect. Attractive, sweet, passionate about traveling abroad. There was something behind his eyes. And I loved it. I wanted to find out about him. I wanted to know how his interview went. I wanted to move with him to his new location.

Before we said goodbye he looked to me and asked "could I take you out to dinner sometime."

It was the sweetest, softest, question and it ruined and made my whole day. It was amazing that such a little question could give me butterflies. I never had that with my current boyfriend really.

I couldn't concentrate after that. I just kept thinking about him. Wondering if I was missing out. Wondering if I wanted to be with my current boyfriend forever. Many men have asked me out since I started working at my current job/while I have been with my current boyfriend. But never before have I questioned our relationship over someone asking me out.

Yesterday was just magical. Amazing. Once in a lifetime.

But I question it because I simply don't believe in soul mates. I wonder if I just want to experience that newness again--of falling in love. I wonder if I'm just hoping for someone who is outwardly sweet and loving since my boyfriend is not always the super sweet type. I tell myself that everything is good enough with my current boyfriend. We get along, have mostly great s**, we like each other's families...but I want to adventure and love and be a little crazy and young, and this other guy seemed to be that way. But I don't want to give up something that is good in so many ways for a big question. Because that guy could be awful. But he could be perfect.

In the end, I am strangely sad for telling him no, even though that was the only option. I feel bad for thinking this way when I am with my current boyfriend.

But I do think I met someone special today. Maybe I just have to miss out.


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  • I think you just me someone special. I wonder if you will still be looking for mr perfect when you are 54

  • I think you just met someone special.
    My fear would be you will still be looking for Mr perfect when your 53

  • Interesting "you don't believe in....." set in your ways?

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