Religious people are like dogs, no b****** acting a certain way just so they can get a treat when they die (heaven) which isn't a noble reason at all to be good. Then they act like they're morally superior to people who actually make an attempt at understanding the universe when they them selves have no f****** clue. You might as well think we're made of gumdrops and the sun orbits a flat earth it makes about as much sense as any religion especially Islam u guys f****** suck.

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  • We aren't made of gumdrops and the earth isn't flat?? lol

  • It's easily as stupid as the story u may believe.....

  • No one needs a belief system in order to be good. Why does it matter to you what someones opinion of an afterlife is as long as they are good in this life? You obviously are not too intelligent. You seem to be raising a fuss about religion in order to convince yourself that you are somehow more righteous than people who believe in a god or an afterlife. Once you truly believe or don't believe according to your own virtues, you will stop worrying so much about other people's beliefs.

  • Stick ur head in the sand further it's not in there deep enough

  • Dumb people are going to believe whatever they're going to believe and I'm still going to make fun of them for it

  • You don't think ignorance of a very large group of people effects the state of the world in a negative manner really.....

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