Just saw a dog leather video from china. The cruelty and horror i saw made me sick. Chinese people think they are smarter then most people but this video i saw has taken their culture back to the stone age. I am going to get racist cause i have to. I f****** hate chinks now. Stupid slant eye yellow f****** gooks. I know theres alot of bad things in the world but im choosing this. Never will i look at a c**** the same way. I will think of what their c**** people have done. All chinks are the same. The world would be better without these low life f****** slant eye g*** f****. Treat chinks with no respect as they have none for anything. I f****** hate CHINKS!



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  • It's interesting that you damn a whole race after having just seen one video. It would appear that you required little evidence to condemn millions.

  • My guess is that you're not a vegetarian. You need to go visit an abattoir and then deal with your hypocrisy.

  • You know u can save the dog by letting Chinese slaughter you right?

  • You're a loser. I bet you're fat as a whale. How much you weigh, fatso?

  • Go eat your fish heads and STFU

  • I met a chineese prostitute she was very good professional great sucker nice ass fresh p**** tight

  • can't blame that old practice on all Chinese people. That was a part of their culture a long time ago. Yeah, some people in their culture may practice it still but those are individuals, NOT the whole race. How can you hate all Chinese when there are more than a million of them? Have you met every single Chinese person? Focus that aggression on stopping the practice, not hating the people.

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