True identity

I have always known I was gay. When adolescence began I was naturally attracted to other boys. It wasn't perverted , for me it was simply natural. It was the rest of the world that was screwed up. The only problem was that my sexual awaking happened during the seventies. A time when being openly gay was not an option for teens in the south. Fortunately for me like attracts to like and I had a freind that instinctively knew I was different because he was as well. On the surface we were just two regular boys who went to school and church, played sports and talked about girls. It was all talk in order to appear normal. But that urge can only stay hidden for so long. My freind and I never talked about it but when we wrestled or engaged in typical boyish horseplay , we knew . We just knew and our behavior caused us to inch closer to something happening between us. One day we were out in the woods shooting our air rifles like we had done a hundred times and my freind had to pee. So he did what he had done many times before . He unzipped his pants and took a leak against a tree. I had stolen glances at his nice d*** from time to time thinking he never noticed , only this time my gaze lasted too long. Do you like what you see ? He asked jokeingly . I couldn't answer and acted embarrassed. He turned around to face me with his impressive c*** in his hand. Do you want to see how big it can get? He asked. Before I could come up with a smart assed remark he started to stroke his d***. It almost became instantly hard. This was the first time I had ever seen another guys erection and it stired feelings inside me. He just stood there with his curved erection pointing at me in the fall breeze. How big can yours get? He asked quizelingly . I smiled and dropped my pants eager to show off. My d*** was already getting hard in my pants and it felt good to ease the aching. We both stood there with our h******'s in the woods laughing and comparing our young manhood. He was slightly bigger than me but not by much. Nothing happened that day. Guess we were just checking each other out but the memory of my arousal served to cement my identity . Several weeks passed and we really didn't talk about it. We just went on like nothing happened. The day after my 15 th birthday he spent the night with me like he had done a thousand times before. We stayed up late watching movies and talking , mostly about sexual experiences that neither one of us had. Typical teenage boys bragging and bullshit but it served to make us both horney. In the moonlit room as we both tried in vain to go to sleep my mind raged with the memory of his hard c*** and how I wanted to suck it. I had never had a sexual encounter before and had no idea what I would do but natural instincts were starting to guide me. I listened to his breathing and when I thought he was asleep I started to j******* inside my sleeping bag as we slept in the floor. Primal urges erupted within me and I found courage to take the next step. Kevin , are you asleep? I asked nervously. No , he answered , I'm just listening to you j*******. He softly laughed. I took a deep breath and said , do you remember that day in the woods , when we showed each other our h******'s? How could I forget that , he whispered. Can I see it agin? I timidly asked. He threw his sleeping bag open to reveal his c*** already rock hard. It looked bigger this time. I sat up and stared at it. He began stroking it gently. Just watching him pull his foreskin over the c*** head and then teasingly pull it back down made my d*** so hard I thought it would explode. Let me see yours he said. I opened my sleeping bag we both just layed there watching each other j*******. I whispered , you can touch mine if you want. He hesitated and then said , touch mine first. My hand trembled as I reached out to feel another guys d*** for the first time. It was glorious. It felt so soft yet hard. I traced my finger up and down his shaft , feeling the veins and pubic hair. My hand then slid down to his hairy b**** which made him shudder and take a deep breath. As I began to give him a feeble hand job I felt something wet on my hand. It was kind of dark in the room but I knew it was c**. I didnt realize it was only precum at the time seeing how I really didn't know what that was. He was breathing heavily as I played with his c*** head swirling my finger tip in his c*** slit causing more precum to seep out. Looking into his eyes I instinctively lifted my had to my mouth and licked his c** from my fingers. This was my first time and it tasted so sweet. He layed there in pain , his aching c*** twitching and swollen. Breathlessly he whispered , will you suck my d***? His question seemed uncertain yet forceful. I quickly got between his legs and his hard wet c*** slid into my hungry mouth. Paradise found. I'll never forget that first c*** in my mouth. It took only a few seconds for him to fill my mouth with a hot load of c**. idenity found.


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  • Dude, just be gay and live your life. I personally don't agree with homosexuality but if that's how a person wants to live their life I respect that. At the end of the day you must live with those choices not society.

  • What a sad life guys come n ur mouth and all the glorous p**** out there

  • Lol dude chill.

  • Same OP of "My First".He must really want some attention!!! So what,you sucked your first c*** at 15.Well done!!!

  • This confession is similar to "My First" check it out commentators,it's the same OP.And the same us of grammatical and punctuation errors e.g "freind" instead of "friend"

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