Hopefully I will find you again

I am captive within my soul.
My mind swings in dilemma.
But you know my heart only beats for you.I have been hurt many times that now I am scared to believe what I see.I try to reach out but after stretching my arms I take it back fearing I might step into wrong ground.self-confidence I am lacking I feel so broken ,scared ..I need you and I need you in clear light..I can't put into words my helplessness I feel my eyes look into you but my mind doesn't support ..amidst the sea of people I feel so lost dear.each moment there is a fight within..I am really losing this time..the game that we played for years has taken a toll as my reality didn't ever match what my heart supported but one thing is clear I never ever have any doubts on your love...
I can't see you thats my inefficiency ,seeing you I don't believe my heart my fault ,scaring to be hurt being wrong my selfishness for protecting my soul..
But I still hope coming days will make me see you clearly and the thoughts that is gradually killing me will get erased and I will find you and only you within my arms...

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  • Try the phone book or Facebook - just reach out already what are you waiting for death

  • Yes ....this life is sealed.

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