Wife's best friend

My wife's best friend needed someone to drop her car off at her house one time, and I helped her out. I could senseshe wanted more and wanted to "thank me" for helping her out. I worked on her for a few months, I made excuses to go to her house when her husband was out. I'd leave for work early and go there instead. I would get her back up against the wall and press myself onto her body. You could tell she wanted more but always held back. She would always send a message about how wet she was and how she wished she would've just done what she wanted to. I finally got to put my cook inside her 1 time and she was hooked. She couldn't get enough. It started out as a couple times a week, then I would meet her before or after work at her work and have fun. She always let me c** in her p**** and always sucked me off afterwards. I can't count how many times I f***** her in her bed with her kids home. I took a trip for work and when I got back, she got us a hotel room. And we let loose with any/all things she wanted to do. Toys, a***, 69, shaving in the shower, f****** in the shower. She was a freak. This went on for about 1.5 years. I miss that v*****.

Sep 8, 2016

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  • You put your "cook in her" - what did he think of that?

  • How did it end?

  • We don't talk or acknowledge to her anymore.

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