Real man of the house

I think my wife thought that if she moved her boyfriend into our home I would be jelious but when he arrived I dressed in my best sissy maids outfit and very shiney panties. And when he knocked. On the door my wife was in the bathroom so I answered the door and escorted him into the living room and told him that Cindy would be out to see her in a moment. He stared at me but said he didn't know Cindy had a maid. I curtsied and excused myself to get him a refreshment then my wife Cindy who had no idea I was going to be wearing my maids uniform was very surprised when she saw me bringing them refreshments . She didn't know what to say at first but I intervened and said that its about time Cindy found a real man to be with. And since he needed a place to live as it turns out I insisted he move in here , my wife Cindy was astonished I said that but quickly went with it. She tried to get me upset about that and went into her bedroom to put on a sexy bra and panties to see if I was going to get upset. But when she came back into the living room she found me sucking his d*** and him stating to f*** me in my ass. Then after watching us this young man then had hot s** with Cindy. After wards I begged him to move in he said he needed to get a few things and clothes from his parents house a few blocks down from us and I insisted he stay I will go and get his things. He dressed. Like that really I said yes of course. Then he agreed and him and Cindy vidio taped me walking down the street in those shiny panties and maids outfit that was dripping with his c** . The looks I got was precious but I collected his things from a list he provided. And walked back with his suitcase.


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  • Id kil the c***

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