My wife

We live in Vallejo Ca and I ma a Viet Nam Veteran with a wife almost 25 year younger than me.
She is the younger sister of my best friends son and we got to know each other after I was discharged.
Now I want you to know that I am very protective of her and I guess that I probably do love her and we do have s** regularly but I somehow feel uncomfortable with it and I would hate to lose her but I will not live forever so I have tried to get her interested in hanging out with her friends after work and I think that she has already been unfaithful a couple times but that doesn't really bother me since I am in my mid 70s.
Recently a black man in his mid 30.s came by wanting to do some things around the house for spending money then he lost the right to the homeless shelter he was living in so I offered him our basement if he wanted to clean it up and I helped him and so did my wife Cindy.
For several months he lived in our basement and we added a sink and bought a used Refrigerator for him and there was already a bathroom down there so things went along fine and he sometimes was invited to eat with us.
He and Cindy got along fine and they actually had more in common than her and I did and they would joke around together .
One afternoon he showed up with three steaks so we had a barbeque in our back yard and the wine and beer flowed until it got dark then we oved inside and they were still laughing and talking and all of a sudden I had this desire to watch them f*** it had been weeks since her and I had s** and the Idea got me hard as I watched them .
I stood and asked David if I could talkto him and we moved out to the back porch and I was tongue tied at first then I blurted out want to f*** Cindy John and he gave me a guilty look and I knew that he had already been f****** her . I said I am an old man now and she needs s** more than I can deliver and if you want to I will be OK with it and he asked are you going to watch ???? I thought about it and said probably if you don't mind but maybe I wont and he said sure if it is OK with you.
I told him that I already knew that they had been f****** so just go inside and tell her then take her into the bedroom and I will peek in once in awhile and he said thanks Sam I appreciate this as he stood and hurried into the nouse I sat there on the back porch for awhile giving them time to talk it over and when I went in quietly the house was silent and they were gone .
I went down the hallway listening and when I got close I could hear their mumbled voices and I also heard the bed slapping against the wall and I knew what was going on so I quietly opened the door a crack and I saw Cindy on her back her legs spread wide and David was wedged in-between her thighs and I could see his rather large b**** moving in rhythm and I got a glimpse of his ebony c*** all slimy with her fluids as he f***** her.
Cindy had her feet flat on the mattress and her body was being thrust up to meet his thrusts as they murmured softly to each other I watched not really understanding my feelings but my c*** was hard so I watched as they rutted and after a long time I hears Cindy say I,m going to c** as her breath harshly gushed out of her and David speed up taking longer strokes as Cindy I watched fascinated as she cried out clinging to him as she came and David like a true gentleman stopped and drove his c*** deep into her as she breathed harshly in his eat mewling sounds coming from her throat and I envied his stamina she seldom c*** with me and mostly she has to suck me off when I do c**.
I watched as David started to f*** her again and Cindy laughed and her body responded to him until he came also. as Cindy again laughed proud that she had made him c**.
Well needless to say David has mved up stairs now and we share her regularly and I have helped him find a job with a retirement plan,
Cindy has two black children now and a future with another man now when I die and we are all good friends and Davis has a 7 inch c*** that is two inches l have but when we MFM I get her b******** and we have tred many things I would never have done before.

Mar 19, 2020

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  • Nice ! if you would like to send pictures to see your wife :D

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