I'm considering

Emailing my former child abusers wife to let her know he's a child rapist and give her vile details of his disgusting ways. Partly revenge but mostly so she will keep little girls away from him.
Keep children safe.

Sep 13, 2016

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  • Sometimes you just have to let go.

  • U hav a duty to report him

  • Huh huh.. you said duty

  • When I was 19 a friends 13yo daughter would sit on my lap and I would run my hands up her legs and under her skirt and feel her up and feel her b****.

    Child abuse? absolutely!
    Am I guilty? absolutely!

    Imagine she now goes and reports that. I'm married with kids. What good will that do. Presumably if she reports it, it is partly because what I did has eaten her up inside. Will she feel any better? Probably not.
    How will my wife and kids feel? Not good I'm sure.

    What good would come out of it?

  • You appear to regret what you did, when you were 19.You don't appear to be, a sexual predator of children.However, what you did was wrong man!! Within your opinion, there isn't point, in your crime being reported. But that's your opinion, what about your victim's feelings? You may see no point in your crime being reported, but that's because you were and are the perpetrator.Your victim may see things differently!! Don't discredit your victims feelings and whether or not, there's any point in her reporting you now!! If that's what she intends to do hypothetically, it may give her closure and peace of mind, depending on how your violation, affected her.

  • Or when she becomes an adult she has the right to sue you for the damages

  • Youd be taken off the street and be punished for your crime. Then you would be unable to molest another child.

  • What good would come of it? You'd get what you have deserved all along for doing such a despicable thing to a minor. You have kids...when they are the age she was how would you feel if someone JUST LIKE YOU did that to them? YOU ARE A SICK PERSON. Even if you get to live the rest of your life blissfully, know in your heart you are an abuser with a sickness inside you. F-uck you.

  • That wasnt abuse happens al the time only play u werd great not to mak her suck r f***

  • Improve your grammar and punctuation, aswell as, your sense of right and wrong!

    Anyone with a conscience, would know what this man did, was wrong!! If you don't, your sensibilities are questionable!!!

  • You are a scummy piece of s***, you perverted statuatory rapist! Of course this woman should say something about what happened to her! The "good that would come out of it" (as you say), would be that she exposes this f****** b****** for the scumfuck that he is. She'd feel empowered for doing something in return for him hurting her. This would help her heal and fight back for what that f****** pig did to her. You have zero empathy for her situation. Oh, I forgot, you are a child rapist/pedophile yourself! Burn in h***!!

  • You sound very agressive and of course repay wrong with lets see how much pain we can inflict. Gotta be good. I wonder when you do it do you actually feel better. You mught feel the sweet feeling of revenge but it does not take long for the feelings of hurt and 'why me' and he did this to me return. Punishment is never enoug. You akways want more and more nasty punishmnent. The only way to move on is to forgive.

  • You will never feel closure until you forgive.

  • I wish I had done such a thing, my abuser is dead now though. I wasn't brave enough.

  • Did u tempt him short skirts low necks

  • How long ago was it, when the abused stopped? I ask this, because if it's been a few years and it's now you're deciding, to do something about it, he may of abused many children, within that period of time.It needs to be reported to the police, so he can serve time and be put on the s** offenders list.His wife will know about it, then.

    Good luck and I'm sorry you experienced sexual abuse/rape.

  • YES! Do it!! I'd want to know! But don't be surprised if she chooses not to believe you.

  • Please do this. You must expose him for what he did. These perverted bastards will definitely strike again and again. Please do not keep quiet about this. I am a rape survivor, and went right to the police after that scumbag did what he did to me. He was brought to justice, and I sincerely hope the evil man who hurt you is too.

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