Humans are strange

I don't understand humans. It seems that even though I talk to them constantly and I'm immersed in their cultures and their friendships, there is never an understanding between me and them that they seem to hold with each other.

I tell them how I think, what I'm thinking, when I'm thinking it and they don't seem to fully comprehend my point of view. I tell them that I think that they are interesting and they look at me like I am a predator. I tell them that I don't like them sometimes and they seem to simply get more angry even when they know I don't like them.

There seems to be this nuance that I'm not picking up on where, even though they have been pushing me intentionally or they have been teasing me, they seem to think that I still like them and therefore start to become aggressive when I say that I don't like them.

Or, for instance, the concept of equality. I believe that equality is right and should be strived for in all aspects. I can't comprehend why and how someone can hate an entire community based off of no reasonable evidence. Nor can I understand why there is this prohibition on hitting someone who hit you first, regardless of their gender.

The way I see it is, if someone who is mentally healthy and isn't a child deals physical violence to you, then you have every right to deal the exact same amount of force back to them even if they are female. Your s** or gender shouldn't make you exempt from the rules of equality just because there is a perceived weakness because of your gender. Even if you are physically weaker than the person you hit, then you should know fully the consequences of hitting someone, they have every right to hit you back with the same force.

I don't understand humans.

Humans are strange creatures.

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  • Hey loser ... You realize you're a human too ?

    Your just another one of those faggots that wants to feel unique ...

  • Hey jagoff... You realize humans are irrational animals?

    Everyone has their own set of values that may or may not be communicated, may or may not make sense. Saying "have a nice day" can be taken as an insult by one person and make another person's day. And so on, and so on, and so on...

    Yes, there are too many people trying to come off as special these days. And there are those who have a legitimate complaint about how our stupid species behaves.

    YOU'RE probably one of those morons who thinks they know how the world works and steamrolls everyone else. You may get your way more often than someone who isn't an oblivious douche, but trust me, what people say behind your back would shock you.

  • What a loser

  • People are strange when you're a stranger.

  • Not necessarily

  • Me agree. That's why us cats should rule the world, not them weird baldy primate who call themselves human

  • Cats DO rule the world, or at least the internet. And autistic people tend to behave like cats in many ways (including crapping in people's shoes), and we're supposed to rearrange the world to suit them, so I think we're already there...

  • Lol!

  • Purrfect!

  • Humans are strange -true and the most insanely strangest amongst them is You

  • I still agree, with the majority of your OP :) But don't forget, you're human aswell.Do you think you're strange aswell, or different, from your fellow humans?

  • I think your strange. Are you an alien or something? What planet did you originally live on? I don't like you.

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