Indian ladies Pls

If any indian girl or mature lady is interested in open and mature relationship pls mail me at :) will wait :)

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  • I hope my 28 year old Pakistani virgin fiancée contacts you.

  • Most east indians are piece of s****. You mother f****** live in america so act like an American and respect others. The SF Bay Area CA are fill of these rude m************. They act as if people owe them s***. Im glad I moved out of the area. Yes I am also a minority, and an American that served.

  • U r f***** and kicked on ur ass by indians :) and u will always find them kicking ur ass and doing best in whatever they do at any corner of the glob.. :) pity on u

  • I'm a chubby married Indian woman, I need a ducking as husband neglects me. I think he f*** s other men.
    I'm 45 38dd

  • Hey would you mind me to f*** u

  • How I wish I could make u my slave,tie up ur t*** ,slap ur bitchy ass,plug it and make u crave for more,and make you beg for more and just push u to the limits.

  • Mail me back sweet heart :) waiting

  • What will you do to me, I'm very submissive

  • Ah there is a whole lot of things that can be done....bondage,slave, want it just name it,you get it,as simple as that.

  • I am gonna please u like a princess :) which u deserve my lady.. just hit me back with ur mail :)

  • Indian ladies, please bathe and wear deodorant. This is America and unlike your native Country, we smell body odors here. It is offensive!

  • Get the f*** frm ur s***

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