I hate that you lied

When I asked you of there was anything between the two of you. You denied it. When I found the poem a bit more than friendly for her I never felt comfortable because I could tell that you were lying to me. I don't care that you loved someone and that she was the love of your life. I care that you lied to me and had the audacity to tell me that I was the only love and love of your life. I found evidence that all this was untrue. You abused me after these "assumptions" which were real and you hurt me so bad that I can never go back to you as more even though I want so bad to. It is over for real. What else are you hiding in that mind of yours from me. Soul mate? Psh more like a filler for you. I'm going to look for what she had.. A guy who loves me like you love her. Gl to me. I hope you find love with her again. As sad as I was over you I don't feel love I had for you anymore. Goodbye.

Jul 13, 2016

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  • Then leave him already and shut up about it!!

  • 3.3 years too late on this one there buddy

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