Mature women Fantasies :)

I'm 22, power lifter. I want to have s** with mature women. I'm day dreamer lol, have lot of fantasies about mature women. Anyone interested talking to me about it?

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  • I lost my virginity to the 70something woman who lived down the alley, I was 14 years old. I have had a life long fetish for very mature women. I have had s** with lots of women between 70 and 92 years old. I was having s** with a 90plus woman, she was the oldest woman I had s** with. I like women in their 80s, I have been the first man to eat out some women, lots of older women have never had oral s** before. Very mature women want s** and enjoy s** just as much as everyone else. There really really h**** to. You have to use lots and lots of lubrication and be gentle.

  • I am in me late 20s and living with this widow aged in her mid-40s. She is great in s** and has taught me all the pleasures of sexuality. I love her ample b**** with little sag, healthy p**** lips to suck on and a great warm, smooth c*** to f*** on. Our favorite positions are she riding me or I do her doggy. We never think of another woman or man in our life.

  • Let's have threesome πŸ˜‰

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