I dont know what to do.

Hello Im 16 y/o and i am from Czech Republic right now im studying Information Technology i am second year my problem right now is that i am scared of the future because finding job in Czech Republic is quite hard and in my school they dont teach us much about programming and stuff only general things about it so probably after my graduation I will not be able to find a job in IT area you might say than go to IT oriented high school but unfortunately my math etc. sucks so there is no chance for me to finish it so i was thinking about studying other languages like English,Japanese,French,Spanish my dream always was to learn japanese and move there and find a job but i fell quite depressed because i heard that even if i know japanese there is high posibility that i will be unemployed :( can somebody recommend me what language should i learn to get a job without problem I would like to work as translator in some company or from home. Sorry for my bad english im not used to write about these things in english hope u will understand i will work hard to master it.

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  • Well you are lucky to have some language skills, you can use in a variety of areas overseas if you move to uk, usa or asia and australia you would be in a job quick in almost anything you wanted.

    I have trouble finding work and all the time i go back do courses that don't live up to the expense and time and i prefer study online or short day courses over tafe now. its an expensive way to have a social life going to college tafe here, most people can't afford it. i need work i know i need to get work so badly and i want to work. but reduced hours. i am sick of being ignored. i need money. like real big money.

  • I couldn't understand a single word in your post. Please learn to speak English and rewrite it. Thanks!

  • GFY. OP's English is better than a lot of native speakers' so-called "writing" skills.

  • Your English is good. Maybe you can find work outside of your country.

  • Thank goodness for online courses.

  • How odd ... our most consequential life decisions are thrown at us in our youth when we lack the experience/wisdom to make sound decisions.

    As an old guy, I'm depressed and frightened to consider the condition of the world we bequeath [think 'pass to the next generation when we die'] to you. Our youth represent our best and brightest. Yet we beset you with mountainous problems.

    Your whole generation deserves better than we have given you. I hope you [plural] do better with the world than we did. And if not -- God help us all.

    Two thoughts:

    1) In your youth, keep your options open. Broaden your base as much as you can. The time for specialization will come. But for now, you want to all the doors that are open for you.

    2) Whatever you do with your life, make it count for making something better. That may mean doing something for a private company. More likely, it will mean working for a 'non-profit' organization. Perhaps the peace or diplomatic core has a place for you.

    I have a daughter [older than you] that is learning Arabic and working with Arab refugees. Geo-political realities being what they are, the Arab world is expected to continue to play a more prominent role in the future.

  • I would think learning Mandarin or Spanish would be also helpful. Your English is very good. Keep practicing and learning. Can you look into online courses for programming? Good luck!

  • Learn Esperanto and you won't have any problem finding a job.

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