My teacher

Okay so I'm 17m and currently in highschool, I attend quite a prestigious single s** school that's largely staffed by men, but the few that aren't are quite young and sexy teachers ranging from 23-40. This confession is of my English teacher who is maybe 36, not slim but not fat, blonde hair and glasses, she came from a country school where she apparently sucked a student off which started my interest in her.

So last week she came into class wearing heels, stocking (sexy kind), a loose black dress and a cardigan on, by now I was adored by her and sat by her desk which sat in the corner up the front off the class. As she sat down on her chair i caught a glance under her loose dress and noticed her nice pink p**** peeking out of her legs. I couldn't stop staring and felt my c*** getting hard, I think she noticed I was h**** or something because she blushed and smiled and then asked if I needed to use the bathroom (one hand below my desk on my bulge) I said no thanks I'm great here and she laughed as continued the class.

I have a perfect view to her legs and crotch, whether by mistake or on purpose idk, but she's definitely noticed I sit where I sit for a reason, as I look at her again I think she's definitely figured out what I saw and smiled again while looking at me. After she set the work for the class she stands up and walks to my desk, crouching down to quietly talk. Her exact words " Do you like it? If you do go to the bathroom and video yourself for me" I, hesitant to do so door some reason ask what I should video, and she whispers "make me h**** baby" So as as she leaves to her I put my hand up and ask to go to the bathroom.

When I get there I instant pull my c*** out and take photos of myself in the mirror, then I go into a toilet stall and video myself jerking (6inch), as I c** I get some on my tie and blazer which I decide to leave there, I zip up and head back to class.

Entering the room I walk in to see her legs open teasing me with her legs and eyes, as. I sit back down the bell rings and she dismisses the class to lunch. Of course I stay behind and show her the visa and pics. She asked me to send them to her but I really didn't want to, (just in case of blackmail like in movies ya know) soo as I explained my reason she says it's okay but wants to meet up outside of school sometime, to f*** hopefully but it's been a week and only long nights with lube and my hand at the moment, stay tuned

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  • Fakeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Im so h****

  • ....fake as f***..............

  • You lucky b*****

  • Hummm just to be young again.

  • Keep us posted, bro.

  • That teacher needs to be arrested.

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