I hate potheads

I really hate potheads. There are a lot in this city, 30 something year olds who whine about how they "can't get a job", smoke weed all day, and claim Trump is going to give them a job. No, dumbasses, there are plenty of jobs around; you just have to not be a druggie to get them. They just leech off their parents, catcall women, and whine.

Liberal potheads aren't any better, they either claim they're special and enlightened or it's for "anxiety". There are a lot better things you can do for anxiety that don't cause you to act like a dumbass. And they're always going on and on about how they're better than alcoholics, like that's somehow worth of applause.

They babble on about ridiculous conspiracy theories and get mad when you don't praise them for their bullshit.
They all smell worse than a cat's litterbox.

And lately potheads online are whining they can't use firearms or drive under the influence. No s***, it impairs your reaction time and ability to make decisions. And they claim they're not addicted then do dumb s*** like use while pregnant. I've had potheads steal from me, lie to me, go into violent rages.

I think it should only be legal for people with terminal illnesses, everybody else I don't give a s*** if they rot in prison.

Sep 15, 2016

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  • I hate people who hide behind substances and excuses too. SAHMs are a great example. So are MGTOWs (aka incels), anybody who uses politics as a cover for screaming out their hatred, and anyone who is "concerned" for people they actually don't like (like fatphobes and social justice warriors).

    That's pretty much everybody at one point or another. So I guess I hate everybody. I win!

  • While I think people should be able to ruin their own life and do it legally, I also think those who are doing it should get a clue and understand that other people hate the stench. Close your windows and do the neighborhood a favor. I don't want to smell that garbage.

  • It doesn’t just ruin their own lives though.. it ruins their kids lives too. This is from personal experience and watching family members.

    Along with knowing adults who give pot to kids or get high with them.

    It’s heartbreaking.. if pot were as great as so many say, why are so many potheads selfish dirtbags?

  • It's a very good indication that you're dealing with a moron when they quickly trot out the "Won't somebody think of the CHILDREN" card! You are no different from the potheads who claim anxiety that you hate so much. Probably because they are a reflection of yourself, and you can't handle it. I'm not a fan of potheads either, but there are far worse people in the world... like those who use kids as excuses and props.

  • I just met an eighteen year old girl who was named after a pot variety by her pothead parents. She was placed into foster care at eighteen months.

    She turned out to have a good head on her shoulders, and good foster parents. She is going to be a nurse. But the fact is her parents chose pot over her. Pot is not good for society, but it is being pushed on our youth by the ‘70s counter- culture which is actually the dominant pop culture now.

    And it results in a thought process like this:

    Ur probably racist too right? Have a hard time finding a c***? U think that socialism sux too? F****** loser someone should run ur ass down......

    Case closed.

  • I hate potheads too. Potheads stink up places without even giving a damn about what anyone else thinks about their stench.

  • Ur probably racist too right? Have a hard time finding a c***? U think that socialism sux too? F****** loser someone should run ur ass down......

  • What in the h*** does this have to do with race? YOU are the one making the post racist. Pothead smell like h***. And yes, socialism sucks as well.

  • Just wondering why anyone sees a black rodent with a white strip down the middle of their back, who emits a toxic fluid from their ass ... and then wants to put it in their mouth? Potheads smell f****** disgusting and have absolutely zero respect for anyone else around them (as they are completely oblivious to their surroundings). So ... enjoy your really cool weed and buzz dudes / dudettes, but don't be surprised if someone kicks your ass.

  • I hate f****** potheads too!! Smell bad, look disgusting,, shows lack of character and an inability to cope with life.

  • B**** please ;) u sound a little strung up maybe relax a bit loser

  • I LOVE potheads! They always have the best weed!

  • I hate the sons of b****** too.

  • Especially if u drink or smoke.....

  • Lol stfu I'm more successful have more hobbies more money I'm better looking than u can hold my breath for 3min I'm fitter than u f****** old ass piece of s*** grow the f*** up and don't say s*** about something u have no experience u f****** loser

  • Me 2

  • Get f***** b****

  • Poor little pothead got his feelings hurt and had to swear.

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