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Too much s*** going on my life, but this one really gets to me so I came for advice. I live with my 5 sisters, mother and step father. During the day only one of them is at home, my step dad working in the morning to afternoon, and my mom from the afternoon to evening. My step dads a s*** stirrer and likes to cause a commotion, particularly between me and my mom. So when I get back from school, I get a drink and a snack and go to my room to talk to mates on social media and only come down from my room for my tea and to walk the dogs. My mom was at work so it was just my step dad at home, but I give him a wide birth, cos I hate him for countless reasons. When my mom got back she stormed into my room and said that I swore at my step dad while she was away. So I got a bit pissy cos I knew mu step dad made it up to cause another argument. So I confronted him shouting at him for tryna cause trouble. He claims I DID swear at him so I asked when. He said "tonight". So I asked him again, WHEN?! Same reply. So I called him f****** pathetic for causing commotion. Now my moms bollocking me for my filthy language. What do I do?

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  • Sounds like a s***** family dynamic. If I were you, I'd talk to your Mom about getting everyone into some family counseling. The vibe between everyone sounds so bad that it doesn't sound like the others will figure out how to make things better by themselves.

  • Ask your step dad to help you do things. Help you with homework, help you change your oil, help you whatever. Obviously he feels threatened by you as you get older so he needs to sabotage your relationship with your mom to keep his place in the family. Fighting him will only make it worse. Instead, ask him to help you do things. It will make him feel important and necessary, and his brain will have to start liking you to justify why he is doing things for you.

  • Your mom and dad need to bed you over and give you a dam good spanking.

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