I was Bad this Morning

I went into town this morning to do some shopping. I had to cut through a north Dallas neighborhood due to traffic being so bad on the local loop 635, as I was moving from stop sign to spot sign I saw this man of about 35 jogging just ahead, he turned into an alley behind some homes as I passed the alley I looked up into it there he was about 20 feet in standing by a telephone pole peeing, he had a nice member and a long hard stream going. I caught myself with my mouth open, so I pulled away, but I found I had gotten moist. I kept thinking about him peeing. Well I got to the mall early it was about 9:30. So very few people around, the store hadn't open yet. Just the Mall walkers doing their daily routines. I sat on a bench waiting for the doors to begin to open. So i keep thinking about that guy and get wet again, so I headed to one of the lower level restrooms, go to the last stall, down the shorts and panties open wide and start to feel myself up, working my clitty, not sure why but I decided to just go on and pee on my hands as i rubbed myself. Dam it was so exciting to do it. I hadn't done that before but it got me off real fast. I was moaning just a bit when a woman walked in and sat in the first stall. She to have heard me, i wiped up and and flushed. washed my hands and as I drying my hands she came out about 30s, she just looked at me and smiled. I did enjoy my morning.

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  • Have you gone back on that route at that time of morning again, to see if you spot the same guy again? Well? Have you?

  • Sounds like you might be developing a p*** fetish. You should try it out with a guy close to you. Preferably not your husband or significant other, but just somebody who makes you wet. Watersports are SOOOOOOOO much fun. And so delicious, too. Yes, you HAVE to try drinking it, and having your partner drink it, too. Come on..........you know you want it. Eventually, you'll be meeting strangers for discreet pee s**.

  • I just might, who knows? Sounds like you want to be the one to teach me?

  • :) Would love that, yes. Being on the receiving end of your flow would be HEAVEN for me. Any man would be proud to be your p*** partner. You are a delight.

  • To tell the truth i would love to squat over someone's face and bathe them with my golden spray, I can't believe i am admitting this.

  • When I read your words, I can very nearly feel your liquid warmth pouring over my face, as you mark me as your sole territory. Then, I open my mouth and begin to drink you in. You see me drinking, and you lower yourself further, placing the stream directly over my mouth, smiling and telling me "let's not allow any of this to go to waste". I encircle your entire v**** with my lips, applying slight suction, and take the entire flow down my throat as you deliver it. All of it, until there is no more. And of course, darling, you CAN believe you're admitting this, because you've dreamed of this your whole life, but haven't found the man to convert the dream into a reality. You've also known your whole life just how precious your bodily fluids are (ALL of them, not just the golden ones): you simply need a man who acknowledges that obvious fact. You are to be worshipped.

  • Seriously!?

  • Get long , hard and thick one to experience the real s**.

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