Keep Speaking

Your voice may be distant
from my ears
your voice is so distinct
I still hear.

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  • This is nothing. The flames that consume are everything. But then again, what do I know?

  • Perception only

  • Your face is what I think of only every day.I love the face behind and the aura I feel I cherish truly.If only our eyes could meet.Face to face is always the best option.

  • I love feeling your presence and aura and glancing quickly at your face. I really want to overcome and face you without hiding. I agree that face to face is the best way. :) X

  • After so many years I don't need any kind of certification,i know neither you need too ..our heart knows everything is real and it's simply beautiful.
    It is this love that has kept me here,it provided strength in all confusion when desperately mind wants to quit cos when the air stings it's too much for a take,but all I hold on to is my heart cant be wrong frustrations might be there but parting can't be the call.
    We both know how our hearts cherish the soft touches,how eyes search to steal a glance..only thing that pains is I can't be with you anytime I want I accept that is my fault my confidence lacks whether I will be welcomed or not,your staying away boost my confidence my world you know I don't listen and I know you enjoy always
    I spoke my heart hope you heard now your turn to spin the bottle:)

  • It is real. I get so overwhelmed in person that I glance quickly and then put on the persona...protecting that part of myself that you know exists . I cry Inside when the air stings. I both long to and am scared of fully embracing certain aspects of myself. I am learning to breath and surrender. I know that I also haven't made it easy for you to approach me. Deep down I know the truth... but my insecurities kick in . Letting go off control has helped me feel more relaxed than before. You are always welcome.:) Sometimes I long for you to tell me what to do. I also feel that parting ways can't be the call. Thinking of you. All my love. Always. :) x

  • M...

  • Who /What does M..stands for?

  • When tomorrow finds us in this love we're living in. We'll awaken with the sunrise and we'll fall in love again. My thoughts are settled.Surrender to me there is nothing to lose we have now learnt how to handle ourselves .Denying we are only paining ourselves ..The love that resides in our soul will always flow we can't barricade it..I know surrender is unfamiliar to you bring me that unfamiliarity I will make you remember and cherish that life is not mere breathing..Don't make me stop the love that roars inside only for you...It hurts to chain to adjust ..let us walk for the unknowns..

  • You gave me butterflies and invaded my whole being with your words. I'll gladly throw the persona away when I see you next. Every part of me cries out to bring you that unfamiliarity. Surrendering to you would be such a Relief. My love to you today. X

  • If words of heart give butterflies then it proves that certainly traveling through darkness something beautiful will def happen..don't quit before the miracle happens ..I am glad to know about your wings of make me believe love is beyond everything and I truly love to love you...

  • Reading you is my perfect prescription. :) x

  • Never i thought my words will match once again I learned heart is true and really my soul takes to you...loving you ....

  • Loving you... Missing you...

  • I'll continue quietly burning even through I won't write on here. Hoping you feel better soon. :) X

  • I sincerely hope and will always wish you keep well and growing...
    Stay blessed...
    I am not the one I know but zillions of memories that I made will always remain in my heart as my love for you..

  • Thanks for a beautiful share

  • You have to because its programmed like that ..only for you

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