Am i crazy?

I find myself taking a liking to american voice actors... i dunno why...

i'd like 2 meet a voice actor one day...

i like the voice actors in anime, in the english dubs... i've come to recagnize their voices and i know their names, but i never saw one in person before...

i find myself infatuated with this one... his name is Corey. he's the voice of Miki in Kiba and Masayuki in Ghost Hound. i wonder if he's reading this now...

am i crazy or something?

i never even met the guy in person! he could be some psycho for all i know!

what the h*** am i doing?

am i weird or something?

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  • I had a phase i guess you could say of watching nothing but Full Metal Alchemist panels especially the ones with Vic and Aaron. They're so funny to me at least. Lol

  • Personally I think that's pretty freaking awesome because I like anime a lot as well.

  • here are some suggestions:
    - Angel Beats!
    - Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok
    - Full Metal Alchemist
    - Chrono Crusade
    - Kiba
    - Ghost Hound
    - Boogiepop Phantom
    - The Skull Man
    - Durarara!!

    watch and enjoy!

  • Rock star crushes and movie star crushes aren't weird, they happen all the time. People always confuse a crush with love, it's common. Since you like anime, you get connected to it and that connects you to the voice actors and you fall in love with the concept of being with someone like the someone in the anime. It's not weird, that's what happens with a lot of people who get hooked on movie stars but they don't actually know them and yet they say they love them. It's actually funny. It's just an immature understanding of love. You can get over it if you realize that you're only falling in love with an idea, not the actual people.

  • yeah, i know. it just felt great to let my secret out, u know?

    i wouldn't say i love the dude personally, but i love his voice. if i made an anime one day, i'd like him to voiceone of my characters!

    but by doing this, i sound like a complete stalker... wah... :( kinda weird :) but i guess...

    who knows, maybe i'll meey a voice actor one day or get into the buisness myself. i'm no pro but i do pretty good impressions of other voice actors as well as a few unique ones...

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