I enjoy being bullied.

I like it when other people demean me treat me like dirt and in general bully me.
This all started in high school when I was bullied and found myself resisting less and less to the point where they knew they could get away with anything. My first encounter was with a kid about twice my size on the bus I was sat alone and the bus was packed he sat next to me and one of his friends wanted to sit down to I refused to move so he sat on my face making room for his friend they stole my money and pantsed me on the bus.
For a while that was what happened in the mornings until I had this kid in my PE during swimming we were getting out and got in the changing rooms when I had my clothes stolen I was tackled to the floor and had my towel and trunks removed I was p***** on and kicked about until one of them put his d*** in my face and then his ass before kicking me in the p****. This carried on until it started happening after school they made me come over to their house and made me do things for them I was fingered I had to suck that finger I was p***** on stripped and had to eat ass. The worst thing was when one of them cummed on some boxers and shoved them in my mouth. This also became regular to the point where they knew I liked it and made fun of my for it. I think I shouldn’t like this is there anyone else like this.(PS to stop these urges to want to get bullied I’ve started RP as a victim while someone else plays the bully if anyone wants to help me out please comment.



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  • You like being manhandled, love a man to take u and make u suck his d*** like a sissy

  • I do feel sorry for you. I was bullied at school. In different way from you I accepted the bullying. In my case it was the cost I paid to have so called friends and to be in the "in" group.

    I still live with those memories. Now I'm not bullied but I agonise about how to balance friendship with being taken advantage of.

  • I am in pain from bullying and I don't enjoy it or love them or appreciate it. I can't feel sorry for you because I need to save all that for myself.

  • I pulled my kid out of school and sent him to a different one because he was being bullied. He's much happier now.

  • Don't runaway face it...tell ur self u r brave and u can't take this anymore...fight for urself......have the spine and they will leave you alone....there is no other way but to face fear to get rid of it

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