Sad :(

I honestly have no friends. I am really scared for school to start again because I feel like I do not have anyone to eat lunch with or talk to. I mean you could say I know a lot of people. I do not know them as much as a best friend would but maybe as an acquaintance or a close friend would. Whenever I have a chance to get to know someone more, my chance always get ruined. The person usually gets a new friend or boyfriend and leaves me. Or maybe they invite me to go somewhere or to a party and I could never go because my mom is working or doesnt trust me. I love my mom but she never lets me do things including school events and clubs and I feel isolated, alone, and I have no one to talk to. What makes me so frustrated is my mom lets my brother do anything and go anywhere with his friends. I am a good kid. I get good grades, do not drink, party, or do drugs, and I have good morals. I just wish my mom would let me do things. Things that I can do where I realize my full potential. I want to try out for the school play and do clubs. The problem is she is a single mom and has to work a lot so I have no ride to go home since I cannot walk home or get a ride for someone. My school does not have a late bus so I have to take the bus directly after school. I have no family around here. Sorry I just got to get this all out. One of my close friends just asked me to go to her party but i cannot go because of my mom. I'm just so fed up.


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  • You should start giving ur little p**** around soon u will hav lots of friends and if u get the name of giving good head ul b most popular girl n school

  • I was in your shoes a few years ago.. It got better though

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