7th graders...

Okay, so I'm 11, 6th grade and I'm probably too mature for my age. So me in Middle school is pretty hard. Especially in the bus. This is probably weird to say but, 7th graders are MUCH worse then 8th graders. 8th graders... Are silent... But my bus is full of 7th graders and they curse words they shouldn't be.. They think they're old enough to say these words, but really, they are only 12 or 13. :/ One time there wasn't many seats in the front of the bus so walked to the back of the bus and sat.. I had no choice. This girl literally said, "You're in the f***** place. I just ignored her and looked out the window.

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  • >mature for my age
    >Thinks cuss words are bad
    Pick one retarded f***

  • Are you there hun xxx

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