So Complicated.. Advice please?

Ok so a long while ago i started liking this guy alot I flirted with him and he flirted with me.. i was really starting to see something there then i found out that he was married, but he just kept flirting so i did the same and its gotten worse im falling for this guy hard, and i was before i knew he was married, he tells me things that he should be telling his wife instead, and i cant stay away from him now hes making it really hard, according to his friends he and his wife have many problems and they probably wont stay together, but still i feel so horrible about the things we say to eachother and the things we do. he has a son too and i dunno what to do.. any help here?

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  • you know what? do what feels right if were all supposed to have a soul mate, how could some people not s**** up?? maybe this guy did, hes obviously not happy in his marriage, but lots of people go through this and find the right one, if you dont try, maybe youll both miss out on the right person at the wrong time.... no matter what time, wrong or right the right person is worth every second. :) people will judge, but i say go for it.. nothin to lose right

  • that's why i said tone it down, don't share so much stuff, be friends, have harmless flirting, and don't just limit your self to only seeing him, other wise you'll never meet anyone else

  • Don't bother... I say that because he is married and if it works out where does that leave you? you want a man all to yourself you should not want to share. Besides if you were married you wouldn't want someone to do that to you right?

  • just wait it out, tone it down a bit, and just wait, don't do anything that would be considered cheating, just wait and see, i know its hard, but things will work out, whether its that he gets divorced and u become stronger, or u eventually meet someone else, it will work out

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