** 25yo coworker

Hello (33yo f) I can’t really risk telling anyone in my life so wanted to get this off my chest. I’ve been married to my great husband (33yo) for 6 years now, he’s a fantastic husband and we are very happy together. Anyway, a few months ago this new guy started working in my office who is straight up omfg wtf HOT! At first this wasn’t a problem at all but a lot of fun actually to have such a hunk to admire during the slow parts of the day. However a couple weeks ago we met in the break room and he immediately hit on me. I was floored! He knew I was married (ring) and is about 10x hotter than any guy I’ve ever flirted with. Long story short, I couldn’t resist and a few days ago I finally caved. My husband was out celebrating his brothers birthday and I went to ** coworkers place and rode him all night long. Oh my god it was INCREDIBLE!! His body was absolutely beautiful (I swear he had like an 8 pack) and he knew his way around WAY better than my husband or anyone I’ve been with for that matter. My husband is prematurely balding and kinda flabby so I’m justifying it by telling myself I needed just one night with mar ** pants but I’ve still been feeling a bit guilty. I’m not gonna tell him cause it won’t ever happen again but just needed to get it off my chest.

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  • Ask him for an open relationship! He might agree!

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