Perfect marriage

My hubby found out I was having an affair with chap at work and when he sat me down to ask me (confront me about it) I lied and said no then he said he'd seen my messages which I couldn't deny and told him I needed some fun as we were both busy with work and family life (we've been married for 18 years childhood sweethearts) and if he wants me out then that's fine and went to pack my belongings only for him to come in to are room about 5 mins later as I was packing and said he didn't want to lose me and knew he hadn't been paying to much attention etc etc, I said not sure we can get over this and he said didn't care I was having an affair and if I wanted to carry on I could as long as we stayed together and don't split up, I was absolutely gobsmacked and stunned so now I have the perfect life happy hubby and happy lovers when I like as long as I don't take them home and not all the time only once or twice a month like living my youth again were both happy.

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  • What an understanding husband wish my boyfriend would be like this.

  • You dont have a marriage. you have a financial arrangement. nor do you have a husband. you have a spineless cuck who couldnt defend his wife or family from the influence of another man.

  • I'm amazed at how often marriages fold simply because another guy has an irresistible d***. Why should a d*** [of all things] break up a marriage? This is FAR better, and it's past high time that society acknowledged this openly.

  • Your definitely in the driving seat now and you have an amazing life boyfriend and hubby when ever you please wish I was in your position I'm in a marriage where hubby only know 1 position and I've been married for 8 years I mainly fake o***** and the m********* in bathroom when he's asleep after 3 mins of s** lol, is love two new boyfriends a month.

  • Fantastic turn out, I'm really glad for you, perfect marriage.
    if you're in the UK I'd love to contact you as I can not get enough s** myself lol.. write to me at napolimoda2000 at g mail dot com

  • I had a similar experience. A guy came around to do some minor building work on the house, he got very flirty and I succumbed to his charms and we had wild s** on the dining table.
    He left and I was about to get in the shower when hubby walked in, I stunk of s** and another man's spank running down my thighs. He looked at me and smiled, saying did you enjoy it? I said yes. He kissed me and said, you forgot he is a friend of mine and he told me he f***** you, which I asked him to do.
    He then lead me to the bedroom and locked my p**** till I c** again, it was gushing another man's spank and said I can carry on f****** around

  • Wonderful to have an understanding husband. Congratulations.
    Wish mine would let me have some fun. He thinks s** is a mothly, LOL

  • Sound like you need a good f****** sweetheart

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