Helping bro and siser in law

Well got married this nice english man open my mind so much never relised how littie i know well bro and sister in law was trying have baby was speaking husbond abouot and he said probley due to lack knowleage bro not getting his wife relaxed wet etc and needs do things well was speaking them about and they had no idear just like i did not befor meet hubby well said get hubby explane in detail etc but well night come we was sitting chatting but in stead just explaning he started tuching me getting me naked and told my bro do same as he is to his wife well she never had p**** licked or o***** same as i had not till that night and now baby coming in new year :)



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  • So you are pregnant with your brothers baby?

  • No im not pregnant sis in law is but we all had s** on same bed beside each other


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