I am so tired of having to deal with my husband and our communication issues, emotional issues, self esteem issues etc... I admit im not the best person when HE is around. He asked me for a divorce last week and he took it back. Keep in mind that this is the second time he has done this. I felt alleviated when he asked me for it and I didn't even cry. I love my husband for the man he is and for the father he is. I find myself wanting to connect with old friends and go out on weekends (no men of course). He goes with his friends and seems to have started excluding me from that(football games, the bar etc.) anyway. I don't mind because I don't care anymore. Where do I go from here? I don't understand why I cant just do it and go through with the separation? In fact, I think of telling him I want him out of the house and to go ahead with the divorce papers everyday. I think we are staying together for the kids and I also think we are staying together because we don't know how to live without each other?



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  • We live in a world that diagnoses meghan meagain markle as the new form of saint and mother Theresa, boy has the world changed value systems and standards setting. man, how does that happen like that where people sell out to a liar?

  • I do and I love this man. Too much hardship on us both. I wil take counseling for sure. Thanks!

  • Talk to him talk to him every day for a month. Communicate to him your feelings, and ask him to go to communication counciling. Fight for him if you still want it to work out.

  • Buy some lingerie. Tell him to come upstairs one night and that it's important. When he comes into the room, say "i miss you. come here." Have some fun with him for a while and don't think too hard about things. act if you need to. but afterwards, tell him how you're feeling.

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