I need opinions

My boyfriend wants me to take birth control because he doesn't like using condoms anymore. I dont want to use birth control because I'm not comfortable with the idea that I have to mess up my body just so he can j*** inside me. I wana learn more about the iud device. Since I hear its non hormonal. What would you guys do? And for those who have the iud device, does it work?

Sep 22, 2016

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  • If you've been together a while, I can understand your boyfriend's point of view. It's stupid to keep using condoms in a committed relationship. Go on the pill like millions of other women do every year. Safe s** is a two-way street, and it isn't just up to the man.

  • You should not give him any s** until you are married. Then ration it. Make him work for the reward.

  • Like most men, he'll move on to another woman, one who doesn't act like an idiot.

  • Lol tell him it doesn't matter what he thinks I'm afraid ur the one in charge of that decision. If I were a girl and someone snuck a condom off on me I'd f*** their s*** up.

  • It's your choice, as it's your v***** he wants his s**** in.He told you to go on birth control, instead of "asking" you, this insinuates, he's not considering you have a choice in this matter.Just because he wants you to use birth control, doesn't mean you have to.
    If you feel uncomfortable with using birth control and want your man to continue using a condom, that's your choice.If he doesn't like it, no nookie for him.

  • "What would you guys do?"

    If I were you, I wouldn't have s** with someone without protection, especially if he doesn't take your body into consideration, and it doesn't seem like you all are in a serious committed relationship or planning on getting engaged or married. If you stop using condoms, pregnancy is not the only possible concern that should be on your mind. But as Kermit would say, that's none of my business.

  • Iud..copper are awesome

  • Galacticcap.com - best condom ever. honestly feels like not wearing anything at all, although it's a bit more work to take off when you're done, but totally worth it. They're not cheap yet since they're still early in development.

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